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By Octoboss - Posted Jul 15, 12
New news post, July 15th! Catch it while it's hot! New members, recruits, and more!!! Exclamation marks!!!

News! Not-so-weekly news!

So it's been a while since I've managed one of these. I blame RL. Need some way to get rid of it, some kind of Matrix-like scenario would work... I just need to get going with that agressive AI robot project I've been working on. Anyways, onto business:

First off, new recruit! We've a new recruit namely Deejah, SI Assassin DPS. While we're on the topics of recruits, the following recruits have been upgraded to new recruit status! 
  • Miccie
  • Harbag
  • Anubisblack
  • Shinie
  • Heraseth
Congrats guys, good to have you on board!

Raiding has been going as normal, sticking to the 16 mans, also doing a bit of social point farming, using sneaky underhanded methods! We've just about been scraping by getting the 16 people together, helps now that Vanq is back from holiday (welcome back!)

Lastly, because of the fact we've only been barely been getting the 16 people together to raid, we're instigating a slightly more strict raid signup policy - check out Invi's post here:

Nothing too serious, just a formal system to remind people to let us know when they can't attend a raid!

'Til next time!

summary of Wildstar: if you liked TBC with all your heart, this is it; otherwise, it's just meh, tedious and annoying, WoW still remains a champion for a reason ._.
[link] raid attunements ... here we go. Looking forward to healing with Argorash ^^
6 months is too late, I always hate being a peasant and go through shit guilds in order to reach the top ... best MMO experience, at least to me, is always a fresh start from the very beginning (when the community is forming)
Unless someone wants to donate to the "Invi is a poor fucker so I'll buy him a game" fund
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